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Here’s a quick sneak peek of the sales & persuasion secrets you’re about to learn. It’ll take you about 15-20 minutes to read through the entire report (for intermediate to advanced marketers) and apply the concepts onto your existing sales pages.

Many of these secrets are the strategies local gurus use in their business which some hide it away from the public while others only teach in their advance courses. Yet they are critical for business owners who want to close more online sales and scale their revenue in the long run.

My guess is… when they find out I’m revealing these secrets… they’re going to force me to take it down. So you definitely want to grab your hands on a copy before they do so. Just take a look at the secrets revealed below and you’ll see why.

Secret #1:  The Eyeball Effect

What every advertiser or marketer have to get right before they can attract the buying audience they want

Secret #2: Business Prestige

How to identify which stage of the buying journey your prospects are at to push them into a satisfied client

Secret #3: Iconic Branding

The no-holds-barred truth about graphics and design that burrows your brand deep within your prospect’s subconsciousness

Secret #4: The Main Event

Even if you get everything else wrong… this one single secret will still help you close sales on its own

Secret #5: The Cloaked Generator

How to “switch on” your target audience’s dormant generator what sends them into a buying frenzy. (used wrongly… you could be giving customers to your competitors)

Secret #6: Psychological Benchmarking

Subtle psychological techniques to use your surroundings and push things in your favour (hint: higher conversion higher sales)

Secret #7: Digital Sales Pitch

Smash any lingering sales barrier by presenting a closing sales pitch they simply can’t refuse

Who Am I

Jonathan Seet, Founder, Simply Professional Pte. Ltd.

I’m Jonathan Seet and I’m a professional copywriter and internet marketer. I provide freelance marketing consulting for business owners who are looking to increase sales through the internet.

I started my journey into the digital marketing space like most beginners today. I attended workshops and courses (investing tens of thousands of dollars) figuring out how to build a proper sales funnel. Thankfully, along the way I was fortunate enough to work closely with a number of local gurus from Singapore.

During this time, I discovered a common pattern between these experts which explained why they’re able to reap the results they’re getting. It wasn’t that they were smarter or luckier than others… they just understood the key principles of online sales and persuasion.

That’s why I decided to put together a comprehensive report on my findings. The same secrets many of these experts are using. The same formula I used to create winning landing pages, sales pages, and even entire marketing funnels. Which you can learn to do the same too.