Copywriting Services

Do you want to create a magnetic story that sucks your prospects deeper into your sales funnel strategy?

Then you need persuasive copywriting services that leverages the right medium to transform uncertain and confused leads into raving clients and customers who can’t get enough of your brand.

You see, copywriting isn’t just about writing content and compiling them into different marketing materials. That’s content writing services which you can easily outsource to your local college students for a cost effective price.

Writing copy (our lingo for marketing messages designed to sell a product or service) is about using the power of words to attract your ideal clients and develop a long-term relationship. A business relationship where they either buy from you or promote your business to their friends.

Good content educates and builds interest.

Great copies are powerful communication devices that interest, engage and influence your readers. Regardless if you’re creating a brochure, flyer, sales deck, or any other marketing materials your business uses. What you want is compelling original content that converts. To make the sale.

So before you rush off to a creative copywriting agency… if you’re a small business, my copywriting services may be more applicable for you. Because I make use of direct response copywriting principles and techniques.

Here’s a List of My Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting Services

Need website copy? That’s where SEO Copywriting will greatly elevate your online business success. Your website is your brand’s digital representative. It has to make a strong first impression.

But more importantly… it has to direct and lead your website visitors down your sales funnel. Each webpage on your website is there for a specific purpose. To get organic traffic and to convince them that you’re the solution they’ve been searching the digital space for.

Learn more about my SEO Copywriting Services here.

Email Copywriting Services

Thinking of running an email marketing campaign? Naturally this comes after having your landing page and traffic source all set-up and ready to go. What you need now is relationship building copy that strengthens your relationship with your readers. To the point they’re ready to make the critical buying decision.

Find out more about my Email Copywriting Services here.