Copywriting Techniques

What makes a copywriter worth investing in? Especially in our local Singapore environment, the copywriting techniques your writer deploys can make a world of difference to your campaigns.

But if you’re not familiar with the different skill sets involved… then there is only 1 criteria you have to consider…


Whatever campaign you’re running, when you choose engage a Singapore Copywriter for your business, there is only 1 thing to demand of your writer…

Getting you results for your business!

And to do that effectively, a copywriter needs to have the right experience for your project.

Regardless whether it is a lead generation campaign, an online product sales campaign, or even creative brand awareness outreach project.

There are different goals and metrics to measure but what you want is still the same…

Positive ROI for your dollar spent.

Copywriting Tips to Evaluate Your Writer

One of the biggest fears business owners have when hiring a copywriter is… they can’t tell if their writer is up to the mark.

The fact is… any good copywriter is going to be expensive.

There’s no denying that.

But there is a good reason for continuing to invest in a good writer…


So how do you filter through the huge digital space of writers to pinpoint and narrow down the right person for the job?

Quite simple actually…

  1. Does this writer have the right techniques to help you achieve your campaign goals? If you’re looking for SEO, you need someone with SEO background. Full stop.
  2. Does the writer have the experience to deploy those techniques? Has your writer done a similar campaign before?
  3. Is there a team your writer is working with for large scale projects? If it is a website project, obviously your writer should be communicating with a web developer.

Naturally the first thing you have to do is… understand the criteria of your own project.

What skill sets is important to generate the results you want.

And to help you understand better the various types of copywriting services available in the market and how to find the best writer for your business…

Copywriting Skills & Techniques to Consider

I’ve listed down below some of the main roles of copywriting and what should be expected of them: