Direct Response Copywriting

Proven and tested results… that’s the beauty of direct response copywriting.

Sure, till today it isn’t as mainstream as traditional marketing strategies or other advertising copywriting campaigns.

Yet once a small business owner understands its nature and its appeal… no other marketing strategy or style should ever be considered again.

Here’s why…

Unlike marketing campaigns where you’re measuring for engagements and reach, direct response focuses on end-results. Results like:

  • Number of Leads Generated
  • Number of Calls per Campaign
  • Number of Sales Appointment Booked
  • Number of Products Sold per Advertising Slot

And so on. The key thing you may notice is that there is an emphasis on numbers.

With direct response, you know immediately how effective your campaign is.

This lets you adjust accordingly. Whether you need to scale up your budget, retweak your offer, or test a different distribution channel (traffic source).

How To Produce Direct Response Marketing Results?

No surprises here but that is the role of a direct response copywriter.

Someone who specialises in using persuasive copywriting to engage and stir up the buying desire deep within your prospects.

With only 1 goal in mind…

Getting you the results you want out of your campaign.

Naturally this depends on the objective and goals of your marketing funnel and which stage you’re targeting.

But when your goal is more sales, more revenue, more cash-generating activities… it’s direct response for the win.

How do we do that effectively?

Generally, as a copywriter this is the process I use:

  1. Understand your marketing goals and objectives
  2. Research on your target market (prospects), your competitors, and your product
  3. Take note of the traffic source your campaign uses and how your audience will receive this marketing material
  4. Drafting the copy you need
  5. Test and measure (or edit if necessary) according to the results generated

Different copywriters may conduct their business slightly differently but the key idea is always there…

Searching and flipping every stone to find new ways to get you bottom-line results.

The Best Scenarios To Use Direct Response Copywriting

If you are a new business just starting to advertise and expand your market reach… while the idea of brand awareness is tempting as the Big Boys are using it…

Direct response will still be your best friend.

Because when your budget is tight and every dollar counts, you need to get as much results as possible.

That’s where a Call-to-Action (CTA) becomes so important.

While creative copywriting do include CTAs in some of their campaigns, the entire copy is usually not written to get your prospects to take action.

Instead, a proven direct response copywriter understands the psychology behind the entire marketing material. Each word is carefully selected and chosen to induce a certain thought and desire in the reader.

Here’s a list of copywriting services I offer that injects direct response into it:

If conversion in your writing and marketing is what you’re looking for… direct response is the answer.

So that by the time the reader (your prospect and customer) reaches the end of the copy, there is only 1 “logical” choice…

Take action!

This is how small business owners can scale their marketing campaigns. Based on hard facts and numbers from their testing. And not from inaccurate gut feelings and “experience”.

Whether you’re an internet marketer running ads, or a business owner scaling up your marketing efforts… learn more about how direct response copywriting can make a huge difference for you today. Click here to find out more about how I charge my rates & fees.