Internet Marketing Copywriting

So you want to market your business on the internet.

But the question most entrepreneurs face is… how.

How to promote your services without looking too “pushy”?

And when you’ve laid out your marketing plan… the bigger question is…

What are you going to write about?

That’s the cue for a specific copywriter skillset – internet marketing copywriting.

The Art of Structuring an Online Sales Process

Even before you start promoting your business or look at the different traffic sources and decide which is best for you… (yes, different mediums are used for different purposes)

You need to consider how you’re going to sell.

What you’re going to say because you can send thousands of visitors to your website but if your content (or copy as we call it) isn’t persuasive enough…


You won’t get a sale and your efforts are wasted. (Well, if you were doing creative copywriting and running for brand awareness that’s a different story)

The first thing you need to understand about your internet marketing efforts is the objective of your campaign.

While sales are the most important thing in any marketing campaign, most experts will tell you it is all about leads generation.

And to do that effectively, you need a marketing funnel.

The Internet Marketing P.O.T Success Recipe

3 key components are what you need.

As this is about marketing your business online, the first thing you have to think about is the PLATFORM you’re selling on.

How your prospects will find out about you.

With the number of online platforms (both free and paid) available today, you have a whole bucket of choices.

In fact, some businesses are using social media platforms to promote their business. (A powerful platform but not recommended as your main platform – ask me why)

Once you have selected your primary platform, you need to bring out your OFFER.

What you’re selling and why your customers will want to buy from you.

This is where persuasive copywriting will help you to shine as your offer needs to stand out from your competitors. Your customers have to understand what you’re selling and there must be a desire building up in them that makes them want it. (Even better if they’re craving for it)

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle… you need to send TRAFFIC.

Depending on your overall marketing strategy… you can consider free traffic strategies where you can use SEO copywriting to create blog articles or paid traffic strategies like Facebook marketing and advertising copywriting.

So now that we’ve laid out the success recipe, the question remains…

How Will An Internet Marketing Copywriter Triple Your Business Sales?

Unlike a content writer, a copywriter understands the art and science of sales & persuasion.

That means combining enough information to position you as an authority in your subject while teasing your prospects enough to make them take the next action. (Especially for direct response copywriters)

And this takes place throughout your entire marketing campaign, not just the lead generation process. Here’s a list of areas copywriters can turbo-charge your internet marketing results:

  • Landing Pages (also known as a squeeze page for collecting leads)
  • Lead Magnet (a freebie in exchange for their email or contact details)
  • Emails (to build a long-term relationship with your customers and subtly sell to them)
  • Sales Letters (effective for product launches and services)
  • Online ads (whether you’re using Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impression you need the click)

A good copywriter will get you the sale you want.

A great copywriter will not just get you the sale, but bring in marketing principles that develops your brand so you can sell even more in the future.

After all, marketing isn’t a one-time process.

So when you’re running an internet marketing campaign, you want a conversion expert who understands internet strategies mix with persuasion tactics.