Work With A Sales Copywriter

Sales copywriting has always been the secret technique internet marketers and advertisers use to sell.

As an experienced copywriter, I’ve written many different sales letter and other marketing materials for clients in over 20 different industries over the years. And with the power of sales persuasion, I’ve increased the conversion for many of these campaigns.

Find it hard to believe?

Instead of going on talking about the different courses and certifications I’ve taken through the years…

As with all direct response copywriting (the base structure for sales writing) I’m going to show you actual results. Because ultimately, that’s what you want to measure in your campaigns.

So here is the result of one of my latest sales copy which has brought in $137,600.00 within its first month. (It’s still running and selling like hotcakes)

Take a look at this…

Jonathan Seet's SL conversion

Each month, I select and work with a couple of key clients. Whether it’s planning their sales funnels, developing their brand stories or building a sales infrastructure that runs on auto-pilot.

If you would like to work with me, you can reach me through my contact page.

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I charge premium prices for my skills and expertise.


Influencing or Manipulation? The Truth about Sales Copywriting

The first thing any good copywriter will do is always to find out more about your business, your offer and your customers.

From there the work is to create a highly persuasive copy that leaves your readers with no choice but to buy from you. This is why some people question if copywriting fringes on the edge of manipulation.

And to a certain extent… it just might.

This is why before engaging on any project, we have to do one crucial step… making sure you’re selling a quality product or service. And it is for good reasons too.

My goal isn’t just to write you a copy that converts and get you a few sales.

My purpose of working with you is to pump up your marketing campaign so that you have a fully functioning sales machine designed to bring you a steady stream of sales.

After all…

If your customers aren’t happy with what you’re promising, it leaves a bad taste in their mouths and in such cases, it becomes highly likely they’ll ask for a refund.

You end up losing that sale and any other potential future sale.

Disclaimer: Read This

The art of copywriting is to persuade your audience into buying a product or service. Much of the content comes from your product itself.

So before you decide to hire or engage any copywriter to dramatically improve your business, you must promise to have a good product to sell. No 2-ways about this.

Because when you give quality service to your customers, it will only lead to one thing…

More future sales.

It may not be a direct sale, but you could be receiving testimonials and rave reviews that will help you business grow.

Play the long game and never aim for a quick buck.