SEO Content Writer

News Update: SEO content writers are taking business owners by the storm.

These writers understand the art of internet marketing writing and are using keyword rich content to optimised websites. With one goal in mind… attracting search engine traffic like bees to honey. How are they doing this?

Before we dive into the nuts and bolts of search engine optimisation, let’s first break down what SEO content is all about.

Peeking Behind the Shoulders of the Experiences SEO Content Writers

Anyone who creates a website on the internet wants one thing… visitors. There are numerous ways to attract visitors, some of the fastest ways is to buy traffic through advertising channels. But to do this effective, you need a traffic expert, often paired with an advertising copywriter who writes compelling and persuasive sales copy.

But if you want organic traffic (people who are searching for your product or service) then you want an SEO expert. Again, best paired with a SEO copywriter who writes the persuasive messages.

So where does the content element come into the picture?

You see, when we talk about content, we’re really talking about the different forms of information people are consuming on the internet. A common mistake most people commit is they jump straight into creating these content without a strategy in mind.

Big Mistake.

It’s like solving a puzzle without an idea what the puzzle is about. Can you picture what a nightmare that would be?

You have no idea where each piece goes, whether you’re solving a castle or a car, and you still have another 5,000 pieces to match together.

Instead, experienced content marketers (and copywriters) do one critical and important step first.

Research. Keyword research.

So that they never go in blind. They have data about their readers (people who are searching for their services) and know where to focus their attention and efforts on. Maximum results. Minimum efforts.

Once they know what people are searching for online, then and only then, do they go about writing or creating content. (It’s important to take note that content doesn’t only just mean articles, there are many different types which I’ll cover in a bit)

The Art of Web Writing: Readers First. Robots Second.

While it is tempting to focus purely on writing for the search robots called spiders (I know right? Web. Spiders. Puny much?) your first audience to focus on is your readers. Sure keywords are important, but keyword stuffing and other black hat stuff are no longer effective. In fact they could penalise you and cause you to lose your ranking instead.

But more importantly…

The purpose of your website is to convert readers to customers. And your readers are human beings. An everyday ordinary person sitting behind a laptop screen. (And even more mobile screens today)

When you have a quality content that people enjoy reading, they are more likely to share your content. That means more traffic, more visitors, and more potential customers. Win-win.

And better yet…

You may even attract some highly qualified inbound links from authority websites. Another useful component for higher ranking on the search engines.

Once you’ve completed this crucial (yet often forgotten step) it is finally time to get down to the actual content creation…

7 Types of SEO Content to Add to Your Marketing Repertoire

One of the speciality of creative copywriters is their ability to think out of the box especially when planning marketing campaigns. But if you don’t already have a team of marketing experts, all isn’t lost. Because as an expert in your industry, you have your own database of knowledge and experience which you can harvest to generate content.

Information presented in a way your audience will love.

Here are a few options for you to consider:

1. Product and Informational Content Pages

Probably the first and most important set of pages to create. After all, this is how you’re getting paid for your business. Best part? Done right, you’ll be attracting searchers who are already looking for what you have to offer. That means lesser persuasion and sales on your part.

2. Articles, News & Blog Posts

If you have regular updates or industry news which your target audience are interested to receive, setting up regular blog posts will be invaluable to your business. Not only are they useful for answering long tail keywords searches… you’re also attracting a larger slice of the market.

3. How-to Guides

One of the best way to present yourself as an expert in your industry is to showcase what you’re good at. And there is no better way than creating useful, instructional, easy-to-follow how-to guides. Instant credibility.

4. Educational Videos

And if you’re skilled with video processing softwares, why not turn those guides into videos. Show them exactly what you’re doing and why you are the best person to help them solve their problems.

5. Compelling Infographic & Images

A picture paints a thousand words right? Likewise images are powerful marketing tools for capturing the hearts of your readers. Remember to add your alternate text content behind every image you upload for more SEO benefits.

6. Slideshows

If you’re used to doing presentations, why not convert some of those presentations into a slideshow? Easy to follow yet it packs a punch.

7. Lists

Another popular content type as it summarises all your knowledge into a single, easy to access resource page. Quick to read, relevant and making the lives of your audience so much easier.

As you become more familiar with content marketing, you’ll begin to see many more inbound strategies. One common trend you may have noticed in the list above is that every content you create doesn’t have to be a one-off effort.

You can convert your slideshow into a video presentation. Take the presentation and break it up into different parts and use them as an infographic and so on. The possibilities are almost limitless.

And there you have it. Creating content to drive more search traffic is important for any website. If you’re interested to engage a professional copywriter, you can learn more about my SEO copywriting services here.