SEO Copywriting

So you have heard of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO copywriting but you can’t decide if your business really needs it. What do you do?

Let’s take a look at your website. You want your website to bring you more sales and revenue. And to do that you need web traffic and visitors to land on your webpage.

But 2 problems arises:

  1. What are you going to put on your website?
  2. How will your prospects find your website?

Thankfully that’s where this copywriting skillset comes into the picture to help businesses get the best of both worlds.

What is SEO Copywriting About?

But first we need to understand a little more about natural rankings and how the search engines operate. Not those unethical stuff that gets you banned which you read off internet marketing forums. Nope, we want the white hat and approved SEO tactics to reach page 1 number 1.

So picture this…

Your prospect realises they need a business to help them solve a specific problem. A problem which you’re good at, and you have an attractive offer you know they can’t resist. Problem is… these prospects don’t know that you exist.

What do they do?

They turn to the online resource most people rely on today… Google.

So they key in a certain keyword that is related to your business and our ever friendly search engine pops up 10 different websites on it results page. Or as the technical term goes… the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Now they have to decide which of those 10 organic (natural results as opposed to the paid advertising option Google offers) websites they should visit.

Here’s where the copywriting element comes to your rescue.

Because many “professional” SEO companies use black hat tactics and focus on wrong things like keyword stuffing or density which are no longer relevant or even useful in today’s ranking environment.

Focus on Keywords & Keypharses or Your Audience?

You see, the search engine is a bunch of algorithms put together by very smart people. And they’re making their system even smarter every single day.

When a user (like your prospect in the example) keys in a certain search inquiry, the search engine is able to determine what was the purpose of that search and display the right results.

For instance, when you key in the word “Apple”, how does the search engine decide whether to show you the ecommerce website with smartphones and tablets or to show you your local grocery store?

It’s all because of the way you type and a few other key elements.

Elements a SEO copywriter must understand because now there is another problem to solve. With thousands and millions of websites, how do you get yours to appear on the first page of the search engines?

And even if yours is the very first entry…

How do you get your prospect to click on your link and be brought to your website?

Confused yet?

It’s perfectly normal if this is the first time you’re hearing about this. But don’t be mistaken, having your website optimized for the search engines is a great investment.

Not only are the results long lasting (you don’t have to come out with a monthly budget to secure your position), the traffic it brings is of higher quality.

Well that is unless customers aren’t what you’re looking.

With a SEO expert, they’ll look at keywords as your primary objective. A direct response copywriter will focus on your audience.

A SEO copywriter will bridge the gap between the two so you rank well and attract customers.

Basically… Traffic & conversion for your business.

SEO Copywriting As a Part of your Overall Marketing Campaign

Most people ignore this as they’re looking only at getting more traffic forgetting that there is a greater internet marketing campaign going on. You still need to consider what level of the marketing funnel this page is ranking for… what is the next action step you want your prospect to take… and more importantly…

How are you converting them into a customer?

That’s where the overall marketing strategy has to work hand-in-hand to bring you sales results. Not just traffic but pushing those customers to the point they’re ready to buy] and hand you cash.

Sounds like a marketing campaign you want for your business?

Learn more about SEO copywriting services and schedule a session with me where we’ll break down and analyse your existing marketing campaign, your conversion strategy, and how we can add more layers of sales into your overall marketing funnel.