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Successful email copywriting services should fulfill 2 basic roles.

  1. Getting your emails opened
  2. Gently “forcing” your readers to click on the link

And this is the same regardless of the type of marketing campaign you’re running with emails.

Running a relationship building autoresponder campaign? You want your readers to read each email and click on the link to learn more about what your company does for them.

Running a sales promotion email? Your sales copywriter has to understand your target audience demographic, then it’s all about making your product irresistible and giving them no choice but to buy from you.

Running a newsletter series to update your clients on the latest events in your industry? Each email has to be engaging enough to make your clients click through the links or even forward your email to their friends and colleagues.

So while the execution differs, the role and purpose of successful email writing doesn’t change. Read and click. Any writer can put together a string of words and paragraphs describing what you’re selling or your latest updates.

But it takes a copywriter trained in the art of persuasive copywriting to craft a series of emails that transform casual readers into die-hard fans of your company. How do we do that?

Through a copywriting skill known as…

Value-Based Email Copywriting

For a long time now, advertising agencies are screaming that email is dead. With social media ascending and dominating the scene, more and more people are ignoring their email inboxes. Not to forget that on average a person receives hundred to thousands of emails a day. Most of them fly straight into the junk folder as they’re nothing more than spam.

But are emails really dead?

If your marketing strategy is simply to blast out emails to cold mailing list (people who don’t know you) then yes, save your budget and move on to a different advertising strategy.

However, if you want to grow and nurture a list of prospects and customers who are loyal to your brand, ready to stand up for you, and promote your services to their friends, colleagues, and clients, then it is time to tune up your email campaigns with…

Value-based copywriting techniques!

The market today is much more sophisticated than it ever was. The internet makes information so readily available… you can learn a completely new topic or subject and become an expert within days. But there is a problem many people are facing today…

Information. Overkill.

This is why they’re turning to industry experts and specialists to summarise the information they need and transform them into simple, replicable steps.

And that’s where the opportunity in value-based emails come into the picture.

Become the Expert Your Industry Needs

When you have a proper marketing sales funnel strategy set up, your leads (registered prospects) are brought on an educational journey. This is your chance to teach them more about your brand. An email copywriter will take this opportunity to subtly introduce the many benefits of working with you.

And the best part?

Your leads are excited to receive every single promotional marketing material you’re sending out to them. Where else will you find yourself in a situation where people are asking you to sell to them?

Building a series of emails delivers to you this golden opportunity. And if you wanted to, you could even automate the entire sales process.

When you read or hear marketing gurus talk about automating your business and building systems… they’re really talking about emails and autoresponder systems. Not only will you start selling more… people will start to notice you and think of you as one of the leading experts in your industry.

Talk about multiple benefits.

And as you continue to develop your email list, you’ll have a group of followers hungry for more of your products and services.

Selecting an Email Copywriter for Your Business

The challenge most small businesses face is finding a highly-trained email expert who can take your sales processes and convert them into an effective sales machine.

That’s where I come into the scene…

Having ran multiple email campaigns and responsible for setting up the email system in one of the major direct response copywriting companies in Singapore… I’m experienced in constructing customised backend systems that boost and improve your email marketing activities. This is for people who want results in their long-term marketing campaigns.

I offer 3 different types of email copywriting packages:

  1. Coaching Package – This is a 4 weeks coaching program where I’ll guide you on the different systems setup, your autoresponder messages and how to piece everything together
  2. Writing Package – I can help you craft out the email subject lines and body copy to slot into your marketing campaigns.
  3. Complete Email Package – Alternatively I can help you build the entire email system while you enjoy the long-term benefits.

To get started, drop me a message and we can schedule a consultation session to learn more about your business and how to better optimise your sales processes.

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