Jonathan’s Copywriter Portfolio

Below is my copywriter portfolio which showcases some of the copywriting projects and sales automation campaigns I’ve did previously for my clients and also while I was working as a professional copywriter under different mentors.

Copywriting Portfolio Samples

These are either one-off or recurring projects with clients in different industries and fields which I’ve had the opportunity to work together with.

3D Business Card Flyer: Click Here to View

MYOB Accounting Software Flyer: Click Here to View

IT Infrastructure Consulting Flyer: Click Here to View 

Home Automation Webpage Writing: Click Here to View 

Curtain Services Webpage Writing: Click Here to View 

Financial Loans Direct Mailer: Click Here to View 

Forex Trading Seminar Sales Letter: View this sales letter

Healthcare Cancer Treatment Lead Capture Pages


Sales Automation Campaigns

These campaigns usually involve multiple steps which I help plan and execute. In many cases, I was involved with the setting up of the back-end system to let it run on auto-pilot so long as they continue to bring traffic into the system.

Financial Planning Lead Generation

Sant Qiu’s Challenge for His New Apprentices

Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy Email Nurturing Campaign (to be added soon)


SEO Writing and Website Building Campaigns

SEO copywriting isn’t just about writing a series of articles. They need to connect with each other and consistently maintain the same sales message while naturally internal linking with each other in a way that isn’t spammy. The website navigation and structure plays an important role in this.

Local Sports Gym Campaign


Personal Copywriting Projects

One of the benefits of learning copywriting is you can use it for your own projects. Especially those which requires sales. Here are some samples of copies I wrote and also a brief explanation of the selling psychology behind some of them.

Selling A Gaming Keyboard on Carousell