Carousell Product Copywriting Sample

Thinking of doing some Carousell selling?

Like most free listing sites, you get to put up an offer and wait for an interested party to see your offer and either make a counter offer or click the buy button.

Some sites allow you to advertise your post though I didn’t see this option on Carousell. Here’s why you would want to do that:

Each day thousands of posts are added to the site. Every seller wants to get a slice of the pie.

That means your post is pushed further and further away, and no one might even see what you have to sell.

If you’re familiar with Search Engine Optimization, this may sound familiar. In short… you want to rank your post on the first page or you’re going to wait a long time. Now while there are some tricks you can use to help increase your offer’s visibility… there is something even more important to think about…

What You Write On Your Product Description

You see, with hundreds of sellers, supply dominates demand by an enormous margin. The common solution?

Slash price and hope you get a good deal.

But unless the point of you selling is to break even… this isn’t a feasible solution.

That’s where applying direct response strategies make a difference and get you a fair value for what you’re offering.

In my case… I had a free gaming keyboard which I didn’t need. But instead of leaving it to rot… I thought why not sell it and get a tidy little profit.

Listed below is the copy I wrote that helped me sell it off at the price I wanted.


Product copywriting sample

Product Copywriting Tips for Carousell Selling

The most common approach sellers use on ecommerce sites is to list down the specs of the product they’re selling. The slightly experienced sellers will include bonuses for buying. And the master sellers, include a story.

Using copywriting tactics… you may notice a few key persuasion elements in the copy above.

I started with an attention grabber, both in the image and at the start of the description. At the same time I was qualifying my audience – East-Side Gamers.

Next I brought in my story of why I’m selling this keyboard and I added in some facts that would resonate with gamers… which is to waste the valuable sensitivity of a gaming keyboard on simple applications like Microsoft Word.

Threw in a bonus which came with the CPU then pitched the offered price. At$89, this is more expensive than a standard keyboard but at the same time, cheaper than most high-end gaming keyboards out there.

But here’s the finishing hook…

To make it attractive to the buyer, I gave a discounted pricing for people who stayed in the East. Because they were saving me time on traveling.

Product copywriting can make your offer sound interesting and exciting. And more importantly… help you to sell even at premium prices.

To learn how I can help you tweak and improve your offers, take a look at some of my past copywriting portfolio samples.