Financial Planning Email Consultation Campaign

One of the earliest financial planning copywriting projects I created was an email campaign for a client in the Independent Financial Advisory agencies. The process and flow was relatively straight-forward enough.

Web visitors that land on his webpage will be prompted to register for a financial newsletter.

This¬†starts with an opt-in page where a new prospect arrives on. They’ll read the content on the page and are free to register for the newsletter where they’ll be brought to a separate page. From there the beauty of the system begins…

A series of sales emails are prepared. Fully on automation. Every few days, they’ll receive an email which teaches them something new about financial planning and little steps they can do to improve their financial situation. Along the way, they’re encouraged to arrange a session with a financial planner to do a more thorough analysis and review of their finances.

The goal was to help their agency stand out from the numerous financial consultants in the market. Everyone says they’re providing financial services… but what makes them different from the thousands of advisors out there?

Enter the Wealth Series Newsletter.

How Financial Copywriting is Changing the Wealth Industry Landscape

Clients are more savvy today. They want a financial specialist with specific skill sets to manage and grow their wealth. And one of the best ways to prove to prospects that you’re an expert is by showing them. Displaying your knowledge and skills.

It’s no longer about letting a friend handle your policies and portfolio just because “we’re friends”. They want to know what value you bring to the table as a wealth expert.

This is a process I offer as a part of a long-term relationship building in my email copywriting services.

And it’s not just the insurance industry that is affected. Almost every small business looking to make an impact in the market place has to adopt this relationship-building strategy.

Good news?

It isn’t difficult to get started. You just need the right steps in place and once you do… you’re light years ahead of your nearest competitor who is afraid to make changes and will eventually start to phase out of the industry.

For some ideas… below are some screenshots of the pages, content, and copywriting I did for this financial project.

financial email campaign using copywriting

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