Secrets to Dominate Your Niche Ebook – Sant Qiu’s Challenge

During my first month as a copywriter at Maneuver Marketing, we (a small team of apprentices) were given an enormous task by Sant Qiu to test our skills and see what we’ve learnt. We’re talking about a person who worked closely with industry leaders like Adam Khoo and Kelvin Fong. He advised and helped Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group in the initial years. As well as Zest Academy to achieve its 1 million dollar breakthrough within a single year.

Anyone familiar with sales challenges will find this situation similar, except with a slight twist…

It was to be a digital campaign!

The ultimate “how do you make money from nothing…” the “can you really sell to make a living?”

No help from the managers (not even from¬†Adam Teow), use whatever resources we had, combined the different types of copywriting skills and marketing knowledge to lead to 1 conclusive result…

Make more money than you spent.

This was even before we had the chance to really understand his trademark Speed Profits System and apply those additional strategies. No, we had to use the knowledge we had prior to coming in, learn to work together as a new team, and apply what we had learnt so far.

After much fumbling, we finally decided to create a full-scale digital campaign. Start collecting new leads, nurture those leads and convert them into paying customers.

Sourcing around for any available resources we have on hand, we found stored away in a private hard-disk, the digital version of Sant’s national best-seller “Secrets to Dominate Your Niche” and decided to price it at USD$19. We then work on creating the lead capture page, combined it with my email sequences and our sales letter…

Our Sales Results as Sant’s New Apprentices at Maneuver Marketing

We raked in a tidy 4-figures sum. After a couple of weeks of running and now with a huge list to work with for subsequent campaigns.

That’s one of the key advantages of having the right internet marketing strategy and copywriting in place.

Here’s a preview of the pages created and I’ve also included the first email copy here.

Sant Qiu, Copywriter challenge at Maneuver Marketing Results


Overall, I’ll say not too bad for a first attempt that caught us totally by “surprise”. Sure, we’ve all grown and improved a lot since then, our later campaigns grew and accelerated much quicker. But most of the future successes came from this first campaign. If you’re ever interested to learn the psychology behind this project, you can buy me coffee and I can go into deeper details of what made it successful.