Forget SEO, PPC, Facebook, Copywriting and any other Internet Marketing strategy for a while…

Before anyone can even hope to bring their business online and succeed, they first need to understand intimately the single most important principle of digital marketing…

I’m about to gamble a HUGE risk today by breaking my bond of silence, embarking on Singapore’s first ever…

Project: Digitalised

Internet marketing gurus and digital agencies will probably hate me once they get word of this secret project I’m about to unleash as it WILL hurt (maybe, even kill) their businesses here in Singapore

Dear business owner,

Does any of the following statements sound strangely similar to your digital marketing journey?

  • Experts say you need a website today, so you built one, uploaded the images, business secrets, content, yet after waiting months, you still can’t get prospects to visit your site (a common traffic issue)
  • You dabbled in SEO (search engine optimisation) as experts say it is a free source of traffic, yet no matter what you do, you can’t ever get your page to rank
  • PPC (pay-per-click) seems like the next reasonable option, only the cost per click is insanely high, and you’ll end up blowing your budget even before you secure a single appointment
  • The “cheapest” traffic strategy today is Facebook, at least that’s what most people agree on and they start out cheap, but once you decide to scale, the entire game changes again (not in a good way)
  • And I don’t even want to talk about email marketing strategies as they’re often never opened, getting an enquiry is next to impossible, and this is assuming you already have an active list to blast to

Here’s the thing…

Running a digital marketing strategy for your business should never feel like a burden.

It should be enjoyable, after all, this is a process to get you more leads, more enquiries, and more sales.

Something like this…

Leads generated for a preview event

(Image taken on 6 June 2017)

Imagine the joy of receiving emails after emails with responsive requests for your services.

People who are approaching you to engage you for your professional services. It makes it so much easier to close them and get another sale compared to cold calling, door knocking or any other traditional prospecting methods that test how thick your skin really is.

Instead, with a proper strategy, digital marketing will make it almost effortless to drive sales for your business.

So, if we agree and know that getting traffic, leads, and conversion is in itself a rewarding endeavour for any small business owner…

“Why are so many small business owners tearing their hair off, struggling to bring their business online?”

A fair questions…yet to my horror…

I discovered it is because most of these business owners find themselves feeling confused.

Confused over which strategy they should be applying.

Confused over which strategy actually works.

And confused over who to trust in this vast world of digital marketing.

But it should have never been that way. Digital marketing was meant to help business owners grow, not leave them feeling helpless or resigned to their “fate”.

It should be paving the way for them to scale and expand their business, empowering them to plan and make bigger decisions, or automate their processes and reduce their sales process.

It is rather sad then for me to realise most of them get sucked into the marketing process and can’t find a way to overcome this huddle.

That’s why I decided to put my foot down and work on a special project. (At a huge possible risk on my end)

A project I’m calling “Project: Digitalised.”

What Project: Digitalised Is All About

To put it simply…

This is an exclusive 14-days email series which summarises everything I’ve learnt and tested since venturing into internet marketing since September 2011.

To explain it deeper…

These are a collection of my experiences listed down into step-by-step instructions (with explanations) on how to grow a business online.

They’ll provide clarity and help any small business owner who has a limited budget, but is serious about growing and want to tap on the huge amount of resources and opportunities the internet presents.

One of the biggest challenge I’ve heard from many aspiring entrepreneurs is that there are too much information available online. And the result? Most don’t know how to get started.

That’s why I decided to document down the strategies I’ve watched, implemented and been groomed by several prominent gurus in Singapore.

Revealing many of their “behind-the-scenes” secrets. Agency-level secrets they don’t want the public to ever grab their hands on.

But most importantly for business owners, I want to answer 2 of the biggest burning questions in their hearts…

  • How do I get started?
  • Which internet skillsets do I need to succeed easily and in a cost-effective way?

After experimenting for several years now, marketing several businesses online, you’ll discover…

The formula for internet marketing success boils down to only 2 key things:

  1. Traffic (getting visitors to your website)
  2. Conversion (turning those visitors to paying customers)

Yet, simple as it sounds, there are countless courses around the world teaching different methods and strategies to run an internet business.

The result?

It leaves these poor first timers often confused on how to get started.


Lately, I’ve begun to realise many of these programs do not cover a fundamental principle of marketing. It’s the reason why, one business can model the exact same strategy and not get the same kind of result as the trainer.

So I thought to myself… Enough is Enough!

It’s time someone did something about it.

Why Am I Doing This?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m a saint or crusader for revealing these secrets.

Because I do have an agenda for stepping up. 2 agenda in fact, but I think you’ll like them.

The first, is that I’m looking for potential business partners in the future. People who love what they’re doing but lack the marketing know-hows to grow their business online.

By revealing the strategies, I want these people to know I have the skills to help them and I want them to understand what I’m doing every step of the way.

And I thought to myself…

Since I’m revealing these secrets… why not let other serious business owners learn them as well.

Which leads me to my second agenda…

I want to build a community of business owners who value and appreciate the power of digitalising their business.

Too many “experts” have tarnished the name of internet marketing. And that is a real pity, considering the amount of potential here.

So, by putting everything I know within an email series, I can build up this community of business owners who will help defend this community.

That being said…

This Secret Project Is Not For Everyone!

Because what I’m about to do will make a lot of people very unhappy. In some cases, I’m literally destroying their iron rice bowl. Possibly even killing their businesses.

That’s why I have to be very selective about who I decide to share this information with. And even more selective with who I decide to work with on this project.

So, I need to put some restrictions in place. So, please DON’T register for this if…

  • You’re not willing to invest in your own business. There’s going to be monthly expenses involved when it comes to growing a business, no one can escape from that. What I’ll be recommending will require you to invest at least $500 a month before we scale it up once you’ve gotten sales
  • You can’t or won’t follow instructions. One of the most difficult people to help in my years of training are those who have their “cups full.” Many of the strategies will seem very simple, and they are for a reason. Follow them closely and understand that reason before attempting to modify the strategy.
  • You’re an MNC with a huge budget to blow away. This project was designed to help business owners get online in a cost-effective way. That means decisions have to be made, and they have to be made fast. It’s the only way to get results fast. We can’t afford to go through countless red tapes and wait months to make any investing decision.
  • You don’t have an actual product or service to sell. While I’m revealing and teaching many industry secrets, this is NOT a training course or program. This project is about taking actions and growing your business online. And to do that, you first need to have a viable business to promote.

Here’s How to Get Started

As with starting any business, there are always going to be some start-up cost involved.

For a physical business, this could mean rental cost, inventory cost, utilities, marketing expenses, and much more.

For the digital aspect, there are a number of things you have to spend on to achieve success fast.

You’ll need:

  • Ad creatives
  • Page builder software
  • Lead capture systems
  • Follow-up processes and automation
  • And many more


A rough estimate will easily put most business owners back by $2,000 or more.

And we haven’t even talk about website cost, hosting, images, and content yet. But here’s the difference between a business owner who invest in building a solid foundation versus one who skim on this critical step.

It affects their ability to grow and expand rapidly in the future. It’s like building a tower on a land reinforced by rocks and stones or a tower designed on a sandy beach.

A business with a solid foundation is no different!

Thankfully, with the right strategies in place, we can see faster returns on our investments. And if you’re serious and committed to digitalising your business, scaling it up online, I would like to share with you how.

There will be obstacles down the road, there will be investments required, there will be some hustling and grinding… but you’ll always know why we do certain things and not others.

You will know how to put this entire strategy in place to reap the rewards you want. And you’ll be executing a digital strategy proven to get you more leads and sales for your business.

So, if you’re ready to commit to your business, then here’s what I need you to do now.

Simply fill in the form below, wait for an email to be sent to you, and verify your email address by clicking on the button inside.

Once you’ve done that, a second email will be sent out with more details about this project and how you will benefit tremendously in the next few months. (Especially if you’re selected to work together with me)

Start by filling in the form right now, and I’ll speak to you again real soon.