It all started in the middle of 2015.

Back then, as one of the senior copywriters in Maneuver Marketing, I was fortunate to be involved in starting this new brand. To expand the company’s outreach and attract even more businesses. But the problem with most new brand names is…

Coming up with an attractive name. One that represents the brand’s purpose while retaining some psychological elements that will push the company into sales overdrive.

After countless discussions, back and forths, debating on a suitable name, we finally settled on the now attractive name “Growth Tribe.”

The role of the group was very simple (and there lies the beauty) which is to help aspiring freelancers and business owners grow their business. By belonging to a special tribe. A tribe of like-minded people who are willing to put in the effort, grind and hustle to get the results they want.

This goal and purpose led to this brand becoming a leading Facebook Group for entrepreneurs where Sant Qiu will share many of his game-changing marketing tactics and the strategies behind them.

It is also because of these psychological strategies that led to the creation of one of Singapore’s most popular Facebook marketing workshop…

Customers on Demand by Adam Teow

Being a former marketing specialist from P&G and even working briefly for Yahoo, Adam took the skills he had developed over the years and compressed the critical lessons into this powerful workshop.

But it isn’t just the tactics that made the skills you’ll gain there so powerful…

There’s something so important underlying here…

The art and science of copywriting.

You see, unlike most workshops that focus on setting up your account, learning the different functions available, or just learning about the different aspects of an ad…

You’ll learn the very fundamental element of selling online…

Persuasion. In written form.

And your options become almost limitless once you’ve become more proficient at using them.

Using the Skills I Developed

Now, it has been a couple of years since Growth Tribe was born.

Today, I run Facebook marketing campaigns for my business and also for clients. The beauty of learning an advertising outreach skill is you can easily promote yourself and your brand to different audience. Audience you otherwise would never have appeared in front of before.

One of the great thing about outreach is you begin to find new opportunities. Opportunities like a speaking engagement with a local polytechnic.

But more importantly, you can begin to test new business ventures, quite cheaply.

You’ll know upfront whether to push a new venture or to cut loss fast.

And that was one of the biggest learning point I gained being a part of this rising brand.