Writing sales letters to potential customers is a skill every online sales person should learn and master. It can mean the difference between recurring leads flowing into your business and months of barren emptiness. Take this example here:

Imagine you were writing a letter to thousands of your prospects interested in your service. You now have that one chance to sell and persuade them to choose your company.

How would you craft the message in that letter?

You may find that if your content isn’t persuasive enough… you risk losing the golden opportunity you had been waiting for.

That’s why it is unique and highly lucrative copywriting skill. After all, you possess the ability to persuade prospects to buy whatever you’re selling. This is why many businesses are willing to invest huge sums of money hiring a copywriter who understands the psychology of consumer.

Selling to Multiple Potential Customers. At the Same Time.

One of the beauty of having a highly persuasive sales letter is that it saves you time. And it helps you to build a recurring marketing system you can rely on to grow your business.

This is part of a process marketers today call…

A marketing funnel.

In short… you want to cultivate a prospect, build a long-term relationship, and turn that prospect into a customer. And not just any customer… but someone who loves your brand, loyal till the end, and ready to recommend your services to every one else.

Sounds like a dream?

Successful internet marketers (and even many traditional marketers) have relied on funnels for the longest time. There is lesser resistance to your marketing messages and they’re open to your sales pitching. The dream of any sales person. It’s like having a prospect sitting opposite you, excited to listen to every single word you’re saying.

And with a sales letter, you’re not doing this one-to-one. Because that takes time and we’re looking for speed here.

But how do we go about creating this sales letter?

Thankfully, many copywriting legends have shared their knowledge and wrote many books and training programs on this topic. Some of them have even created copywriting formula to simplify the process.

While engaging a sales copywriter is the best way to get a solid and highly converting copy… sometimes learning how to write your own might be a better option. This could be because of budget constraints or because you understand your industry best.

In either case… this is where you might want a…

Sample Sales Letter Template

One of my favourite formula is from copywriting legend, Dan Kennedy. His formula is simple as it only uses 3 steps that are really easy to understand and execute. Here it is:

  1. Problem
  2. Agitate
  3. Solution

Putting it simply…

The first thing to write and talk about in your sales letter is to bring out the problem your prospects are having or dealing with. Problems they want solutions to right now.

For example, if I were writing to a business owner looking for ways to grow his business, I would talk about things he has already tested and aren’t getting him the results he wants.

“Business owners, are you tired of flushing money down the drain on advertisements that aren’t getting you any results? Have you already spent a fortune on things the media prophesy as sure-fire growth strategies like newspaper or television ads? Are you on the brink of giving up on these money-sucking activities and going back to your labour-intensive door knocking and cold-calling?”

In the example above, I’ve sort of moved onto the next stage where I’m agitating them on the problem they are facing. But I could take it even further and push this pain point even more…

“Here’s the thing… the media agencies have an agenda. They need to sell you their ad space. That’s how they generate their own revenue and keep their business afloat. At. Your. Expense.

Sure they have a large pool of audience at their disposal. But how do you tell if this audience are your target market? Think about it this way… would you sell to a 70-year-old grandmother an I.T. product the same way you sell to a 20-year-old teenager? Likewise for many business owners they turn to the media to promote their B2B services without realising their audiences are everyday people looking for discounts and the latest sales.

A big No-No. Yet they continue to peddle their platform as the ultimate source of traffic for any business.”

 I’ve used a copywriting technique we call “creating a common enemy” to draw my audience closer. This is strategically done as I now want to go into the most important part of my sales letter… the close. What I have to offer.

“This is why any business owner who are serious about scaling their business fast… they need to use direct response marketing. Metrics and stats driven marketing. When you use direct response strategies, every ad you send out is tracked and measured. Why do we want to do this?

Because it tells us if our ads and marketing efforts are working! This keeps our cost lower and we can quickly shut down a campaign that isn’t working or raking in any cash for the business. Instead, if a campaign is showing promising results, we can start to scale and pump capital into a campaign we know will bring in ROI many times over.”

The example I’m sharing here was created on-the-fly and there are no facts to back up my claims. However, what is critical here is for you to learn the 3-steps process I used. Which you could easily do the same.

So think about your target audience, what they’re struggling with and the solutions they want.

Then start crafting personalised sales letters to these prospective customers. Get started now. You’ll be glad you did.