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Can SEO copywriting services help your business get more traffic and sales?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique savvy business owners are using to achieve higher rankings on the search engines. And for good reasons too.

When your website is found on the first page of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing… you get visibility. Not just any kind of visibility… but you get people who are searching for solutions. Solutions which you coincidentally provide. (Read: customers)

And it gets even better…

When you apply the right SEO techniques (combined with SEO copywriting) and your website ranks, it is there to stay for the long run. That means continuous traffic and visitors coming in month after month – without investing a single cent more.

But is having continuous flow of traffic enough for a business?

Sure it is. But imagine if your conversion rate increased as well. Instead of getting an inquiry for every 10 visitor, you now get orders for every 5 visitors. You may begin to realise why experienced internet marketers and business owners are investing huge sums of money on higher conversions. On professionals trained in the art of persuasion. On persuasive copywriters.

And even better… SEO Copywriters.

How to Scrutinise Your Writer Before Embarking on Any SEO Copywriting Services?

An SEO expert is good at getting page 1 ranking for your website. A copywriter is good at creating persuasive sales copy. An SEO copywriter is good at crafting persuasive messages the search engines love. Here’s why…

When you’re writing a webpage which you want to rank, there are a number of things to consider in each page of content:

  • Keyword / Keyphrase Optimized: Your article needs to have contextual information around your topic (not just about keyword density as some experts will point out) to educate the search engine on what your page is about. This is also known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) – if you’re familiar with the technical jargon.
  • Customer Orientated: One mistake many business owners make is that they spend too much time ranking, they forgot who are they ones buying… their customers. Copywriting on the other hand, focuses on hitting the right buttons that get your customers to do one important thing – to buy from you.
  • Enhanced Readability: Your words have to convince and persuade your readers to take action. And the first step to doing that is to make sure they are reading what you’re putting up. This is where having scannable text, section headers, sub-headers, bullets, graphic embellishment and more will make it easier to read long copies. It also helps with your structured data and navigation
  • Strategic Placement: Ranking isn’t only about keyword stuffing your webpage with your targeted keywords and their synonyms. Where and how you place them in your content is equally or even more important. Places like your title tag, meta description, anchor text and so on.

You see, SEO is more than 1st page ranking and driving truckloads of traffic to your website. You have to consider the overall theme of your website, what it is about, the messages you want to deliver, and most importantly… how to turn them into a paying customer.

The copywriter you choose to hire has to have a general knowledge of internet marketing strategies and how to execute effective marketing funnels and campaign. After all, your webpages are inter-connected to each other. They’re not stand alone pages with individual functions.

Likewise, when it comes to online marketing, SEO is just a tactic that fits into your overall marketing system. And if you’re playing to win, your content has to be synergistic to your entire website structure and layout. Maximising your audience’s user experience.

You want unique content that uses positioning strategies to place you as a market and industry leader. Not an article stuffed with keywords because of an outdated strategy like keyword density.

So with that said, the question remains…

Does Your Business Need A SEO Copywriter To Turbo-Charge Your Webpage Copy?

Remember this…

Credibility convinces. Authority sells.

This rule holds whether you’re selling through any online medium or you’re selling traditionally through a brick and mortar store. Think about this… why do Apple fans queue up overnight and form snake-lines waiting for the latest version of their iphones? Even though each model has only got a slight upgrade from the previous model and are at premium pricing.

It is because they have authority and customers see them as the industry leader in the smart phone niche. Add in their army of die-hard fans and you find yourself with very strong social proof. The single most important element for building credibility.

So now take a look at your website and answer the following: (Or a competitor’s website if you don’t have one)

  • Does your website showcase or demonstrate that you are an authority in your field?
  • Are there any credibility elements to gain your visitor’s trust?
  • Do you focus only on talking about your business and not your audience?
  • Is the content on your sales copy drop-dead boring?
  • Are your keywords targeting customers at different stages of the buying cycle?

Unfortunately one of the challenges of web copywriting is that many writers leave the marketing and sales element aside. They engage designers and web developers to build a robust and interactive website that impresses their friends and family. But at the end of the day… why did you set up a website for your business?

Because if your website is a marketing collateral and it’s role is to promote and boost your sales activities, then everything you do online has to be a marketing activity. Regardless if it is for branding purposes, lead generation, or direct sales.

And that separates an SEO copywriter from an ordinary SEO expert.

However, please don’t be mistaken… while an SEO copywriter specialises in generating sales, most aren’t traffic generation specialists. But that’s because their focus is conversion. And direct response copywriters like myself are good at helping business owners generate sales results.

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