Sports Copywriter Campaign

One of the challenges of writing a local gym campaign is understanding the language athletes use. To be an effective sports copywriter, you need to connect with your audience. And the fastest way to show that is by speaking the same style as these professional and aspiring athletes. It doesn’t help that their environment tend to be more adrenaline focused with them pumping iron and weights heavier than your everyday person.

For this particular project, it was a SEO copywriting campaign. I had to combine a number of techniques here as it wasn’t just about traffic… there was the conversion element involved too. Naturally the first thing to do was to plan out the entire website navigation structure with the head coach of the gym. Going through some website copywriting here was important as we want to keep the message consistent throughout the various pages. Once that was done, it came down to the actual writing of the different training programs, the facilities, the unique training method, and so on.

Piece by piece till the website was constructed and fully operational.

The Benefit of Having a Sports Copywriter

Naturally every good website needs a landing page for getting enquiries and sales. In this case, it was a simple landing page selling a trial workout class for $40. This is before we talk about the follow-up sales funnel strategy in place.

We just needed a simple lead capture page highlighting the key benefits of the trial class and what they could expect from the class.

One thing to point out is that unlike most other campaigns, we did not run any advertisement and relied initially on walk-in visitors and word-of-mouth at the start until the website started to rank and brought in organic visitors every month. As with most SEO campaigns, the traffic was slower at the start… but as the ranking increased, so did the traffic volume. Here’s a screenshot of a typical good month when visitors are searching.

results of leads pouring in from SEO

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