See What Happens When This Copywriter Breaks His Bond of Silence...

Small Business Owners will rejoice! Internet marketing gurus and digital agencies will cry foul. Because I’m about to TRANSFORM the internet business scene in Singapore

Hiring A Singapore Copywriter?

Singapore copywriters used to be a niche job hidden deep within the advertising industry. That not many people know about.

This posed a huge challenge for freelance marketers, entrepreneurs and other business owners looking to hire a persuasive writer to write their marketing campaigns and collaterals. It’s difficult when you don’t even know about the various copywriting services available.

After all, you can’t just take any content writer and expect him to miraculously create a highly converting sales piece. It isn’t something you can apply a formula and expect instant results. Especially if the results you’re looking for is a boost in your sales conversion. That’s why you need an expert trained in the secret art of writing sales messages. A professional writer who knows how to weave and control words.

That’s why a skilled copywriter is always a valuable investment. It is the years of experience testing advertising campaigns whether in an advertising agency or a marketing company. You’ll find the best writers understand the psychology of sales.


Proven Copywriting Services to Accelerate Your Online Marketing Results!

Here’s how I help companies and agencies dominate their industries with sales-boosting copy.

Website Copywriting

As more and more business sales and enquiries come from the internet, can you really afford not equipping your website with persuasive techniques to BOOST your online conversion?

SEO Copywriting

Before promoting or driving traffic to your website, your first goal is to rank on the search engines to attract qualified leads and close with copywriting tactics to generate recurring sales.

Email & Automation

While the naysayers scream it’s dead… Email sequences done right will net you long term loyal customers. People who continue to buy and recommend more “wallets-in-their-hands” customers to you.

How a Copywriter Help You Increase Leads & Customers

A common but fatal mistake many business owners and marketers make is relying on content writers to produce their sales materials… Big Mistake! If you’re looking to churn out truckloads of articles (for submitting to directories or other online platforms) then sure.. I’ll even encourage you to go to these outsourcing sites to generate information.

But if you want to enjoy explosive sales growth in your business… then you need a marketer who can deploy effective copywriting techniques to craft your killer sales messages. Whether it is web asset, sales letters, email sequences or any other form of content marketing services. You want a sales copy specially crafted to generate results. Massively.

Words that strike into the hearts of your audience (potential customers) and forces them to take action. Actions that lead to bottom-line money in your bank. So as a business running in Singapore, here are 3 critical skills you should look out for in your copywriter:

  • Persuasive copywriting
  • Marketing strategies
  • Proven portfolio

What I Do Differently that You Definitely Need

Naturally, the more experienced a copywriter, the higher his rates & fees. Currently in Singapore, my copywriting services aren’t the most expensive for my results. But they aren’t exactly cheap either! I still charge affordable premium prices as my techniques and expertise are the cumulative result of my years of practicing and constant improvements.

I’ve studied and tested the different art forms of direct response copywriting, persuasion, sales, and even the different branches of internet marketing.

But the honest truth is…

Skills and techniques can be learnt with enough time!

Instead, when you naturally decide to work with me… you have the assurance that every project is always written and produced in your best interest. We’ll sit down to review and analyse your existing campaigns, even solidifying your key marketing message. If need be, I’ll help you rework your angle or hook. Because at the end of the day… one thing is guaranteed…

Your business has to grow with my services. Full stop!

Why Me? Here’s My Sales Copywriting Experience…

From business writing strategies, marketing tactics, copywriting, persuasion, search engine optimization, NLP, sales process automation to many other sales skills and techniques. I’m sure my experience in marketing and sales will prove useful in helping your business grow whether it’s an offline campaign, online or a mixed of both.

Badges & Certifications

Below are some of the certifications I’ve acquired over the years to further strengthen my skills and expertise in copywriting, persuasion, and other digital marketing strategies.

List of Jonathan's copywriting certifications

Some Satisfied & Raving Testimonials

If you would like to take your business to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend Jonathan for his strategic marketing approach and precision copywriting mentorship. His abilty to bring accurancy, focus, and an easy step by step approach to transforming my business was brilliant.

I am grateful for his approach, patience and professionalism in coaching me through the process and highly recommend his skills and expertise in Strategic Marketing and Copywriting.

Dave Rogers

Asia's Leading Entrepreneur Coach

What takes me 3 days to plan and map out, takes Jonathan only 3 minutes. His knowledge in copywriting and online marketing really impresses me. And he doesn’t just stop there, he’ll explain his reasoning behind why something might work or not. If you have any marketing, sales or copywriting challenges, I recommend contacting Jonathan Seet. Terence Lee

Huttons Asia Pte. Ltd.

Each of my sessions with Jonathan Seet is always an eye opener for me as he is constantly helping us to see new perspectives. We’re continuously learning new ways to improve our marketing and sales messages. I am sure working with him, we’ll get back our ROI many times over. Nicholas Ong

Business Development Officer, QuickDesk

Some Companies & Their Representatives that I’ve Worked With…