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Hi Jonathan here and I’m a Freelance Copywriter from Singapore, specialising in Sales Writing & Marketing Funnels. What that means is… I help businesses and entrepreneurs develop persuasive sales messages that elevate their passion into a premium business solution. And even automating many of their sales processes.

Jonathan Seet - Marketing Copywriter

All done with 1 purpose in mind…

Getting more sales at higher prices. Full stop.

You see, in the process of running my own freelance copywriting business and meeting many other aspiring business owners, I realised there was a huge problem in the entrepreneurial scene.

Most don’t have a proper business or sales plan. Especially those starting out as service providers.

These are individuals who started a business because of their passion. Something they love doing and are quite good at it. The problem is…

These Freelancers Don’t Know How To Communicate Their Expertise.

And the result?

They’re often stuck negotiating prices with prospects, getting questioned about their work, and over-delivering but not getting appreciated for their efforts.

So they’re either not getting enough quality traffic to their website. Their marketing materials aren’t helping them sell their products or services. Their emails aren’t getting opened or receiving the click-through they deserve. Basically their marketing isn’t working.

It’s unfortunate but the fact is…

No one has ever taught them how to turn the situation around.

They are experts in their respective fields but when it comes to business, when it comes to marketing, and even when it comes to sales…

Nothing. They don’t have a clue what to do.

And the truth is…

I Was In That Exact Same Situation.

Back then I started out my career as a financial planner. Green without a clue what or how to proceed.

Having only my passion for finance to guide me in my business.

I had believed (quite foolishly) that working on passion alone would push me forward and keep me excited to overcome any challenges, come what may.

Boy was I ever more wrong…

I found myself struggling on 2 completely different fronts.

Picking up the technical skills of the financial trade. And desperately finding new ways to grow and sustain my business.

For an entire year…

I Felt Lost And Alone In My Entrepreneur Journey

No one else around me seemed to understand what I was feeling and going through. Struggling to bid for projects, setting my rates & fees, closing a prospect, delivering on the project and more.

That was when I decided to make a change…

I needed to learn from mentors. People who have been there and done it before.

Even if it meant taking a step back. (Starting from ground zero once again)

I was prepared for it. No, I had to do it. There was no other way.

So I left my financial planning career to look for business and marketing mentors.

And over the next 3 years, I picked up critical and important skills from 3 very different persons but each with a wealth of knowledge to share.

The 3 Mentors Who Helped Pave The Business Path For Me

The first person who kick-started my entrepreneurial journey was none other than Fabian Lim. Internet entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses across South East Asia. I was also fortunate enough to be a part of his training team for a period of time. I conducted a small section of his training programs and took on a leadership role in one of his recent start-ups.

Under his mentorship I gained deeper insights and understanding on the digital marketing space. Both in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or commonly known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It was also from here that I became interested in creating content and the world of content marketing.

Jonathan with his 2 mentors Fabian & Stuart

At Asia Entrepreneur Congress with Fabian, Simon, Bellum & Stuart

The second person who made an impact in the way I now conduct my business today is Stuart Tan.

An Acceleration in Copywriting Techniques

This is a man who I admire and respect deeply. As a psychologist and trainer, he was the one who taught me many of the subtle skills most people take for granted. Skills like eloquence, presentation, speed reading, memory techniques and much more. These same skills gave me the confidence to push ahead in front of challenges and till this very day, I’m still actively using what I’ve learnt.

Jonathan with Sant Qiu & Maneuver Marketing


The third and final person who I’m still learning from is Sant Qiu. He is the mentor who trained and brushed my copywriting and marketing skills up many notches. And not just simple marketing tactics but strategies which considers the business growth prospects years into the future. Most start-ups focus all their time and attention on the present, neglecting their growth, and the strategies to achieve them. During my time here, I also developed my email copywriting skills and created a number of automated sequences for many of our lead generation campaigns.

Each mentor showed me another step in my business. Another way to move forward.

But does that mean you need to spend over 3 years picking up these skills to succeed in your business?

The short answer is YES. You do need to learn many of these skills eventually. But you don’t have to learn them immediately to succeed.

What you need is someone to show you which skills are critical for your personal growth and more importantly, how to apply these skills in your business.

And that’s where I come in…

Here’s Why I’m Qualified To Help And Guide Other Freelancers And Entrepreneurs

I understand the challenges freelancers and entrepreneurs face each day all too well. Heck, I was wallowing in it.

And from my experience working and coaching many new business owners, the first thing to work on (which many entrepreneurs take for granted) is your story. A brand story separating you from your competition. A personal story drawing your prospects closer to you.

It wasn’t by chance that I discovered this.

No. It was from learning from each of my mentors and combining what each of them taught me that I learnt how to grow, market and sell a business.

Yours isn’t any different.

You just need to learn how to develop your brand story and communicate this story to your prospects and customers.

That’s how you develop a sales machine for your business.

Remember, it’s never too late to make a change. As long as you want it and are willing to work towards it.


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Jonathan Seet

Director of Simply Professional



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Snapshot of Jonathan’s Personal Life

Well this is for those of you who would like to know a little bit more about me. For starters… life isn’t just about work (not unless your goal is to build a billion dollar empire).

I believe we need to have a fair balance of work and setting aside time for family, friends and loved ones. So those interested, here’s some quick facts:

  • I enjoy cycling, with a group of friends we like to explore the different park connector networks around Singapore
  • Italian cuisine is my #1 favourite, then it is anything local that uses spices like chilli and sambal
  • One of the greatest skills I picked up and am proud of is my memory techniques (highly recommended for you to learn as well)
  • A practicing Roman Catholic (born and raised), not perfect but striving and hoping to inch my way with each day