Sales Funnel Strategy – The Cultivate Process

Does your business have a sales funnel strategy to scale, grow and retain customers?

One of the key things missing in my business when I first started out was that I didn’t have a system. I attempted to go straight to customer acquisition without thinking whether they knew who I was or understood my copywriting services.

It was only after almost 5 years of testing different marketing and sales strategies, working closely with 3 different mentors, that I finally compiled everything I learnt and developed a specific framework. For one purpose in mind…

To help aspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs in their own business journey. (read my freelance copywriter story here)

You see, when it comes to attracting and converting prospects into long term customers, there is a sales process. A process of cultivation to help your prospects see you as an authority. An expert. Someone they can they to for a solution to their problem.

But how do we do that exactly?

Well basically there are 3 key stages to the Cultivate Process…

Plough. Sow. Harvest.

Most business owners jump into the business bandwagon without ever laying the foundations right first. Nothing wrong with that… but it does mean a lot of adjusting down the road. (Double work anyone?)

If you would like to avoid taking the longer route, extending your entrepreneurial journey, doing more than you need to… this framework was designed to save you countless hours scratching your head figuring things out.

Sure, there will still be some work involved at the start. But this will prevent you from wasting more valuable resources moving forward. And as a small business, every resource and hour invested is important isn’t it?

Which is why each stage of the framework has a specific purpose.

Ploughing – Preparing Yourself to Sell

Similar to the way a farmer has to plough his land to make it fertile for his crops before even planting a single grain. We’ll be working on ploughing the way you position your business so you’ll attract customers you want.

And more importantly, make you the solution they need. At the price you want to set.

Sowing – Scattering Your Reach for Increased Visibility

Once the foundation is set, we can start sowing the seeds to get more customers. At this stage there is no other activity more important than prospecting. From lead generation right down to receiving and answering sales enquiries.

We’ll focus on growing your business presence by linking up with key web sites to let your prospective customers learn more about the solutions you provide. At the same time, we’ll also look for physical events for you to attend and establish yourself as an expert in your respective fields.

Reaping – Sales & Closing Strategies

Finally at this stage, it is time to harvest the rewards of your effort.

Most new business owners skip an important and critical action at this step. They have the appointments they’ve been waiting for, in fact their calendars are often packed with events… only to blow it all away by using the wrong sales techniques. We’ll avoid making this common mistake by using the 3 Hs of Sales Authority to ensure a higher closing rate by wowing your customers with authority.

If you would like to start applying this same framework in your business and elevate your freelancing business into a premium solution your customers want…

I’ve prepared my 7 Industry Kept Sales & Persuasion Secrets Challenge where I’ve included a daily lesson and key action steps to get you started within a week.