Healthcare Copywriting Sample

This is a unique project as it involves healthcare copywriting. I’ve never written a health-related copy before this but being up for the challenge and putting my skills as a copywriter to the test…

I had to rise to the task at hand and took up the project.

One of the challenges of writing for this niche is that there are legal limitations to what you can write what. Being a regulated business, each medical claim has to be backed up with research or endorsement by a medical expert or a doctor.

That being said…

The marketing strategy for this campaign was relatively simple… resellers were going to use their internet marketing skills and drive traffic to different lead capture pages to attend a live preview event. So that meant creating multiple angles to promote the same program.

Hook and angles came first. Design and graphics second.

Below are a few of the angles I developed to promote this cancer treatment workshop.

different healthcare copywriting landing pages

Healthcare Copywriting Tips for Businesses

As with any regulated industry… there are restrictions to what you can say. While in copywriting, we would like to have the freedom to market and sell using dramatic angles… we have to take care not to go against the law.

That being said…

Our goal as copywriters (and marketers) is to produce an advertisement or marketing message that captures our audience attention and refuse to let go until they’ve bought something. We’re in business and that means we need to make money. An effective ad has to stand out from the sea of sameness.

And in the healthcare niche, unfortunately this is a highly competitive and sophisticated industry.

You’ll see lots of competitors, more popping out every now and then. But it is for good reasons…

This is a growing demand and people are desperately searching for solutions. They could be suffering from a terminal illness, they’ve fallen sick, or they got into an accident… they need medical care.

Writing copy for this industry will thus test your copywriting skills to identify unique angles that differentiate you. This is what we call your marketing positioning. Or more commonly known as branding.

The lead capture pages I crafted had to follow this principle. Each of them had to tell a different story so the resellers have more options to promote the preview. That meant researching and finding angles.