SEO Expert with Copywriting

Can a SEO Expert use copywriting strategies to help your business get more traffic and conversion?

Having been a professional copywriter (one who focuses on conversion) I know how to pick and select specific words to do one thing… persuade your readers (i.e. your target audience) to become a lead or better yet… become a sale.

But conversion skills without any visitors is pointless!

That’s where SEO copywriting skills comes into the picture. We need to have content that gets search, found, and indexed by the major search engines. That’s the most effective way to get your website content viewed. Having only one or the other doesn’t do anything much for your business.

But when you combine them together… building a long-term sustainability plan becomes feasible. The exact qualities of a SEO Copywriter.

What Exactly Does A SEO Copywriter Do?

Finding opportunities.

Contrary to what most SEO agencies will tell you… just getting your website ranked highly on the search engine won’t do much for your business (and sales) if you don’t have a proper follow-up system in place. There is a systematic approach to doing amazing SEO which should usually be a one-time activity. That means once your website is “ranked” on page 1 you shouldn’t need to continue to pay to maintain that ranking.

If you want to do that… you might want to consider pay-per-click advertising instead. At least that will get you “ranked” for more keywords. Greater opportunities and exposure.

Instead, this whole activity falls into the larger grand scheme of things… online marketing.

Writing SEO content is about being both meaningful and purposeful. Any SEO consultant should understand the fundamental principles behind how Google Penguin and Panda works. The strategies we design should focus on quality content your readers enjoy. Not finding new ways to game the system.

That’s contrary to what many believe… it isn’t only about keyword research. Where to massage specific keywords in your content or how many back-links to build and gather. No. Your entire website is taken into consideration for any marketing campaign.

Link building is important but they should be natural and organic in nature. You should be attracting viral shares to boost your social signals and if you’re focusing on Local SEO… even better. Everything we do will fit perfectly into your marketing strategy.

For this reason… having a writer who understands online copywriting is a huge plus for your business and long-term goals.

Because in this day and age… it’s no longer about just having fanciful website overhauls or playing around with cute taglines that make little girls giggle. It’s about bottom-line sales results. Business sustainability.

The domain expertise of a trained SEO copywriter.

Your Typical Process with a SEO Expert

  1. Planning the overall SEO strategy – it’s not just about keywords or phrases but understanding your website’s overall theme
  2. Keyword research – the bulk of the effort lies in uncovering the right phrases your customers are typing online, no guess work involved as we want solid data
  3. Content strategy – this is where the copywriting element comes in as we need to have good informational content the search engine likes centred around your key topic
  4. On-page SEO – the right use of anchor text, internal linking, LSI and more
  5. Off-page SEO – getting the right backlinks with strong trust and citation profile to build up your authority
  6. Web Design – your website should load fast, design elements should be to the point to increase sales and not distract users
  7. Mobile Responsiveness – a key factor for websites wanting to rank on the SERPs (search engine results page) today as responsiveness is a contributing factor

Is It Time For Your SEO Content Review?

If you haven’t had a proper website audit or content review for a while (worse if it has never been done) it might be time you sit down and get one settled. Immediately.

While there are things you can easily do to increase your ranking and naturally attract organic traffic… it is even more crucial to find out if you’re doing anything that flags your website as spam. The last thing you ever want is to suffer a Google Penalty. And unfortunately, a large number of agencies are doing just that.

So to help business owners ensure your marketing campaigns are on track and settles the Google requirements, I provide SEO consultation sessions. (Number of sessions depend on my availability)

This sessions are usually about 30 minutes to an hour where we’ll break down everything that is happening on your website. We’ll uncover small cracks and gaps in your marketing, we’ll explore how content marketing could boost your online presence, and we’ll review words. Whether the words you’re using is sucking your readers down your sales pipeline or scaring them away. Discovering if adding another strategy into your campaigns like email copywriting will further enhance your sales results.

Here’s some key areas we’ll cover:

  • Are your messages drop-dead boring and losing you customers without you even knowing? (This is what we call the leaky bucket syndrome)
  • Does your sales page scream “scammer alert” that is holding you back from earning much more sales?
  • Is your website structure more confusing than a Rubik’s cube, neither human nor robot can make any sense of it?
  • Are you constantly losing out on opportunities you didn’t know exist because you’re missing the “holy grail” of links on key pages in your website?
  • How you can open new avenues of passive sales and maximise the ROI on your sales machine

Schedule or find out more about my SEO Copywriting Services here.