Copywriting Rates & Fees

So you’re a business in Singapore searching for a copywriter to do the one most thing important step for your marketing campaigns… writing persuasive and converting copies. And now, you want to know what my copywriting rates and fees are like so you can see if I “fit into your budget”.

Well, before you get all excited and click on the ‘buy now’ button (there isn’t one on this page for a reason) you first need to understand how most copywriters charge for their services… so you’re in a better position to make an informed-decision.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Typical Copywriting Rates in the Market

There are many different methods freelance copywriters use to price their services. But how they price it actually gives you a hint to their level of experience. (I’m talking about conversion, not years of writing here)

The more experienced a copywriter is, the higher his fees. Naturally, as he has his copywriter portfolio to back up his claims. And after a certain point, it becomes difficult hiring him. Not just because he has gotten too expensive, but also because he is probably no longer writing for others. This is why the best converting copywriters around the world will always charge a…

Fixed Rate (Per Project)

It’ll be based on the project requirements and they’ll price it according to the work involved. Usually premium pricing. While seemingly expensive, you can expect better ROI (returns on investment) for your dollar. These group of copywriters will dive deep into your business, scrutinise what your target audience are saying and doing, both online and offline, so they can create a powerful message that resonates with your audience. Deep psychology stuff.

Here’s a tip: It is best to engage these professionals when you need highly converting marketing materials. Whether it is a sales letter, an email, brochure, product description, or any other business communication tools that has to bring in new sales. In short… when you need direct response copywriting. Don’t hold back here.

By the Hour

Some writers will charge by the hour. Typically you’ll find these group on outsourcing websites. Nothing wrong with per hour pricing though you have to be aware of what your writer is doing during those hours. Make sure they’re working on your project and not letting the clock run wild. This is also why you won’t find too many good copywriters charging per hour.

As they become more experienced, they tend to write faster. Good quality in a shorter period of time. At this point, the per hour model just doesn’t make sense any longer.

For Every Word (Yucks)

Possibly the worst method to ever charge for your services. It doesn’t help the writer nor the client. Persuasive copy has to be as long as it needs to convert. Personally, I can’t find a situation where this model makes sense. (And don’t tell me SEO copywriting – that indicates to me your level of SEO understanding)

You can quote me on this… but don’t ever charge or hire through this model.

How do I Charge for my Copywriting Services?

So I’ve talked about the industry standards. What about myself?

As you should be able to guess by now, I’m considered a premium copywriter. Not the most expensive in Singapore (ask me personally and I’ll tell you who they are) but I’m not “cheap” either.

In fact, if you’re looking for copywriting services that are lighter on your wallets, you may want to consider upwork, an outsourcing platform I personally used previously to hire other writers before I became a full-time writer.

But if you want to invest in a sales and persuasion copywriter, who knows what he is doing, then be prepared to invest a little more. I charge by project basis. And I’ll only give a quote after I understand your project’s requirements. Minimally, the project should be at least 4 figures or I won’t even consider it. And even then, I don’t take every project as I do run other internet businesses and work on retainer basis with my key clients.

However, if you believe that your project is interesting (has got high potential for scalability) then do drop me a note. I do check and reply every email within 48 hours so even if I find that I’m not the best fit for you, I still reply my emails. You can contact me here.

Few Important Points to Take Note Before Hiring Me

Before you run off this page to schedule an appointment, do look through some of the points below so you have a clearer idea of my working style and method.

Payment Terms

Depending on the size of the project, I’ll always require a deposit before I even start researching. The amount for the deposit will depend on the project size which is indicated in the proposal I send you before commencing any kind of work. The balance is payable after completion before I hand over my work to you where you get the copyright to the content. Again, do read the terms in my proposal as they may differ depending on any promotional or bundle rates I include in your project.

Turnaround Time

Most standard projects will have a turnaround time of 2 weeks. Naturally if your project is bigger more time is needed. I do offer expedited services but there will be an expedite fee of 20-50% of the project amount and it isn’t guaranteed that I will always offer this service. Because I have other projects on hand as well and if you’ve been planning your timeline properly, you should have a clear idea in mind what you need and when you need them by. This is to prevent clients from demanding priority on their projects as everyone is given the same turnaround time.

How to Make Payment

I’ll always issue you an invoice with the payment instructions inside. If you’re based in Singapore, you can issue a cheque to my company Simply Professional Pte. Ltd. or choose to do an internet banking. For international clients, bank transfer is possible or Paypal. (do take note that there is a surcharge for using Paypal)


All copywriting work will come with 2 major revisions. This means reworking an angle after running a test of at least 100 visitors and there isn’t any conversion. I’ll help you analyse the possible reasons for the results and make any revision accordingly. It is critical that you share with me vital information pertaining to the campaign while it is running so that I can give you the best advice.

Revisions that include adjusting the message to make it more compliant with industry standards do not count as a major revision. However, upon sending you the draft, you must look through it and highlight any minor revisions within 2 weeks. Failing to do so, I will assume that the copy is satisfactory and I’ll close the project and collect the balance payment, if any.

I look forward to us working together.